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Just a note to the detractors

For those who are mad I called their loved one a kidnapper:

I am female. I have no children. My parents are divorced, but had a amiable seperation and get along fine with each other. I have no major issues with either parent. I am not a misogynist or a misandrist, although I have misanthrope tendencies. I am not harder on abductors of the gender of your loved one. I think kidnapping is a crime, and is child abuse. If your accounts are ancedotes and are not backed up with actual evidence, I won’t fall all over your feet to agree with you. If you give me court documents, please give me the whole document in question so I can judge it in context. Do not claim you are unrelated to the abductor; do not lie about your location.

Also, refer to the comment/post policy linked in the sidebar if you want to know what comments are approved.

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Christopher, Daniel, and Richard Sanchez found deceased

I never wanted this to happen to family abduction kids on my site.

It now has.

All three were found dead in their father’s car, which had been run into a lake. The father was also inside. It coud be accident. It could have been murder/suicide. No one will ever know.

I’ve added the cases of Adam and Jason Shannon and Luis Munguia-Zendejas. I’ve updated the victims post. Right now I’m too depressed to do anything else.

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BCSO solves decade-long custody case

Mother arrested; children taken into custody

BENTONVILLE – A more than decade-long search ended Thursday night when Showana Kissinger was arrested at a residence outside Quinton, Okla.

She and her two children disappeared on Dec. 13, 1997, during a custody dispute with her husband, David Kissinger, of Siloam Springs.

The children – Taylor Rae Kissinger and Dylan Lee Kissinger – were taken on the day their father’s parents were to pick them up for Christmas vacation.

In this case, the fact that the children were snatched before a visit with their paternal grandparents speaks volumes about the true motivation in this case. Whatever the father was alleged to have done has no bearing on what his parents would do. Therefore, the kidnapping is about making sure her ex’s family was spited, just like in so many other cases. Twelve years is a long time to be seperated, but hopefully the Kissinger children can have a relationship with their father now.

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Two sets of missing children found

Missing children from Louisiana found

Two children missing for the last two years were located Tuesday by deputies at a Star Valley home with their noncustodial mother, living under assumed names.

On Monday, the Gila County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Department in Louisiana who said they had been searching for the children, 14 and 11 years old, for the last two years, and they were believed to be in the Star Valley area with their mother, Barbara Collins.

The first case in the article was one where the children were found living in a tent with their mother, and the tent was scattered with drug paraphernalia. The second case is of the Collins girls, where there was concern the eldest girl, who has spina bifida, was not receiving medical attention. While I am somewhat surprised there were two family abduction cases found in the same area, the conditions are sadly something I am used to at this point. I hope all the children involved can now begin to recover from this situation.

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Waynesville woman on national TV

Mother and daughter reunited after twelve years

After 12 years of losing her daughter to international abduction by the child’s father, Janet Greer’s moment finally arrived.

With anchorman Chris Cuomo from “Good Morning America,” at her side, Greer entered her daughter’s world today. It was one she’d been cut from for a dozen years, because Sarah “Dowsha” Elgohary’s family refused to let Greer to see her own child.
The Egyptian courts and leaders refusing to intervene on Janet’s behalf.

Finally, the day she’s dreamed and fought so hard to see materialize, has dawned.
Greer went to Egypt, where she saw her daughter today.

I find it interesting that as soon as Sarah learned her mother was not dead she wanted to see her. I have speculated that if an abducted child is told the parent is dead they are more open to a reunion when the opportunity presents itself. If the left-behind parent is still known to be alive, the abductor must present alienating circumstances that justifies the kidnapping instead of letting the child think the parent is dead and reunion impossible. I have no way of looking at this empirically of course. Stories like this one are what makes all the sweat and toil poured into family abduction cases worth it.

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