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Luca Principali – refreshing honesty

I have been closely following the abduction of Luca Principali from his Idaho home. He was taken while being looked after by a baby-sitter. She answered the door and there was a bearded man there who stated he was there with Luca’s mother. (His parents are seperated; his mother has not seen him in a year and a half.) Neighbors heard a scream and an Amber Alert was issued. This article shows the planning involved in the abduction.

A slashed car tire delayed Luca Principali’s father just long enough for his mother and an accomplice to nab him from his Boise home, investigators said last week to persuade a judge to issue a warrant for her arrest for kidnapping.

The half-hour it took Anthony Principali to change his tire bought the time the kidnappers needed to nab the boy and leave a 14-year-old baby sitter so scared she didn’t call police.

This is elaborate, of course, but not overly so for a parental kidnapper. What I found refreshing was his mother’s admission of her motive.

About two hours after Luca was abducted on Aug. 19, Ekaterina Principali called Anthony Principali and told him she took the boy to teach the father a lesson and that she would return the boy later.

Very few abductors admit at the start they are doing it to spite the other parent. I would actually rather see this than someone blathering on about how the kid’s better off with the abductor.

Incidentally, the divorce papers Anthony Principali filed that day asked for joint custody of Luca. It was only after the kidnapping that he asked this to be changed to sole custody.

I sincerely hope that Luca is found before he’s eligible for our site.

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It’s Jaycee Dugard

DNA confirms it. And she has had two children with her kidnapper. I’m disgusted, but not really surprised.

Considering there are several other unsolved abductions in the general area, I hope these people are looked at.

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Jaycee Dugard found?

I am sure by now everyone’s seen this story. Didn’t stop me from saying to myself “Oh my God.” This is Shawn Hornbeck, Elizabeth Smart, Natascha Kampusch, and Francisco Andrade Vega cubed.

I would be lying if I said that Jaycee would be okay from now on. But her family and friends don’t have to wonder anymore. Even if she had been found dead, that would be a plus. This is even better.

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For the Lost is in the news

For the Lost is mentioned briefly in this article about the Port St. Joe Polaroids that still are unsolved to this day. I am pretty sure this is the first time the organization has been mentioned in an article about anything. It doesn’t say a great deal about it that’s new, but it’s interesting reading nonetheless.

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And so it happens

A particular parental kidnapper has just written to me to ask for an address to serve legal papers to me. I responded with “What happens if I don’t give you one?”

I will attempt to keep my minions updated.

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