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Manuela Antonelli arrested

I have just heard that Manuela Antonelli, non-custodial mother of Liam McCarty, has been arrested in Italy. Liam was apparently not with her at the time.

I hope this is the beginning of the end of both the abduction and the turbulence in Liam’s life. He’s been through enough already.

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More about Gabriel Johnson

I’ve been following the story intensely since I saw the news story where his mother claimed she had killed Gabriel. Now she is claiming that she gave him to some strangers in Texas. Her car was found, a bunch of baby items and a car seat still in it. Most importantly, she flat out stated she wasn’t concerned with whether he was dead or alive. At this point I’m convinced he’s dead.

As I said before, I didn’t want to see any stories like this this year. I didn’t even make it until the end of January. I won’t even hope there are no more. I suppose my cynicism is showing.

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this post

About Gabriel Johnson, of course. This thread started before his mother was found and the story got lots of attention

Direct quote from the thread.

I’ve never heard of a noncustodial mother who kidnaps her child harming the child.

Well, I guess you have now. *sigh*

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Not a good way to start the new year

This was exactly the kind of story I hoped I wouldn’t see in 2010.

Baby missing as mom spends Christmas in S.A.

The FBI is now searching for missing 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson.

His mother, Elizabeth Johnson, 23, was caught Wednesday in Miami after spending Christmas in San Antonio.

According to police, Johnson left Arizona with her son, but, she does not have custodial rights to him.

In the past, Johnson made threats to harm the baby. She lost custodial rights on December 28, 2009, when she failed to appear at a custody hearing .

So far, there have been no signs of Baby Gabriel since December 26. He was not with Johnson when she was arrested, and she refuses to say what she did with him.

Her car is also missing.

I really, really hope she just left him with a friend or relative. And they turn Gabriel over to the proper authorities. I don’t want to add another dead kid to the list I’ve got already.

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