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Missing Alaska girl found mother arrested in Missouri

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ST. LOUIS – An Alaska woman suspected of kidnapping her daughter two years ago was arrested in Missouri during a routine traffic stop after police noticed she and her young passenger appeared far too nervous for only missing a license plate, authorities said Tuesday.

Mary Joe Burgener, 44, of Wasilla, Alaska, was being held in Lincoln County while she awaits extradition, Troy Police Chief Jeff Taylor said. Her 13-year-old daughter, Noel Tara Burgener, has been reunited with her father in Alaska.

This article about Noel Burgener states that they were in fact in Missouri, which a commentator on this blog stated they were. Whether or not this person did in fact see them, it is good Noel is back home and I wish her and her father the best in reuniting.

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Houston man accused of abducting his kids in 2003 arrested in Pennsylvania

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SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. — A man wanted for allegedly abducting his two children seven years ago in Texas has been arrested in Pennsylvania.

State police say 41-year-old Froylan Ocampo Nava was arrested Sunday night in Orrstown, about 30 miles southwest of Harrisburg. Authorities say he had been living in Shippensburg.

I found this article about Felipe and Jose Nava Jaimes on a web search. It is short on details but gives the surprising news they were in Pennsylvania, rather than Mexico as originally thought. This reinforces the fact that an abducted child can literally be anywhere. I wish them and their mother the best in reuniting.

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Mother Finds Kidnapped Daughter On Facebook

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A father is behind bars, arrested for allegedly kidnapped his own children from California 14 years ago, and bringing them to Central Florida to live.

For years, investigators have been searching for him, but it was the social networking website Facebook that delivered the break it took more than a decade to get, MyFoxOrlando reports.

Faustino Utrera is now charged with two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of violating child custody orders.

The story indicates that the mother first found her daughter on facebook, and they conversed a few times before her daughter said she wanted nothing to do with her. The father might have used the “mom died” excuse to take them, but he clearly was engaging in some form of parental alienation. For those who think that is because of the arrest, I’ll note that mom tried to reconnect with her daughter before the father was arrested. The mother as far as I know has not been accused of anything by the father, so that can be ruled out as an alternate explanation of why her own children don’t want anything to do with her. It’s an all too common outcome of a parental kidnapping case.

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