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Fugitive Mother Facing Custody Charge Arrested In Florida

Police Say Woman Wore Disguises After Fleeing With Children

A nationwide search for a New Hampshire mother wanted on a custody offense has come to an end.

Erika Ahearn was arrested in Florida. Police said she has gone by different names and changed her look to keep her children hidden.

Investigators said her cell phone and debit card use allowed police to track her down.

This article which I just recently found about the Rowe children indicates that their mother was also wanted on gun charges and was apparently considered armed and dangerous. I didn’t know this before posting the case, but am glad it was resolved without incident. That information alone is another indication of family abduction not being a harmless crime.

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Very bad family abduction news

They found Jorge Sanchez Aguilera. But not his son.

They found Eileen Sams Clark. But not her kids.

I will tell myself they’re just being stubborn for not revealing where the kids are. If I do so often enough, maybe it can become true. (Yes, I think it’s possible all four are alive, but this sort of news makes me feel cold.)

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