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For the Lost Newsletter

I have started a missing persons’ newsletter at Substack. Please share and subscribe; I update every Monday evening.

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Adam Elkadhiri found safe and Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj found deceased

I have just received word from a blog commenter that Adam Elkadhiri has been found safe and reunited with hus mother. I wish them both the best. I have also seen numerous articles that state Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj has been found deceased in New Mexico. Apparently he died from an uncontrolled seizure, having not taken medication for his condition. He has been added as a victim of family abduction. The new cases on the site are those of Brianna Acevedo and Isabella Mobley. Also, Anita Qvist, Patricia Thomas-Wardell, and James Zapolski have been added to the California Kids pages.

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Two located children, one happy and one not

I just got news that Nathan Slinkard has been found and reunited with his father. The Slinkard case is one of the family abductions I’ve followed the longest, and this is wonderful news.

Not so much for Cory Cole, however, another victim of family abduction. His father abducted him, turned up a few days later without him, and he’s since been found deceased. I’ve sat on that for a few days, as it depressed me a great deal. If I hadn’t gotten the news about Nathan it would have been sat on even longer.

I am waiting for news of the other Slinkard children before resolving their case.

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New Year’s annoucement

After some time thinking about the subject, I have decided to open the For the Lost site to include people missing from Canada and Mexico. All of the previous criteria must be met to include a case from either of those places. (Mexican cases do not have NCIC numbers and thus do not need them for inclusion; Canadian cases can have them but entry is not a requirement and thus lack of one does not mean the case cannot be taken.)

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Jean Paul Lacombe found safe

I have just received word that Jean Paul Lacombe has been found in France and reunited with his mother. I wish them the best in reuniting. This was the second time Jean Paul was taken by his father; the first time he was also found in France. Two abductions is two more than his father should have been allowed. At the very least he should only have closely supervised visits with his son. I also hope the judge who did not read Spanish (and apparently could find no one else to do so, Spanish speakers being so rare in Texas) and assumed a Mexican arrest warrant was a paper giving his father custody in that country is at the very least suspended from practice for some time. The new case on the site is that of Ryan Powell.

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And in an unrelated tangent

The blog appears to be getting hits from a site in Polish. The pictures seem to indicate it’s about wrestling, but since I speak no Polish I’m not certain that’s the case.

If someone from there speaks English and Polish I’d appreciate knowing what that is all about.

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One word I did not want to hear today

I noticed that a missing child, Diana Alagha, was no longer on NCMEC. I sent an e-mail to them, reproduced below.

Do you know if Diana Alagha has been found? She’s not on NCMEC or the California DOJ anymore.


I got back a one word response.


I didn’t want to see this once. I’ve now seen it twice.

I will resolve her case, and put up a new one, but not right now. I need to go off and cry for a bit.

edit: resolved case. Sage Bermudez Rayon has been added to the site.

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Richard Chekevdia found safe

I have just received word Richard Chekevdia has been found safe. According to this article, he has spent the past two years in a hidden four by twelve room. To give you an idea how small that is, it’s only slightly larger than a two person Smart car. He was not allowed to go outside. I’m used to bad treatment of kids in these cases, but these circumstances still stun me. I have resolved his case. The new case on the site is that of Sean Morrow.

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For the Lost is in the news

For the Lost is mentioned briefly in this article about the Port St. Joe Polaroids that still are unsolved to this day. I am pretty sure this is the first time the organization has been mentioned in an article about anything. It doesn’t say a great deal about it that’s new, but it’s interesting reading nonetheless.

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Just a note to the detractors

For those who are mad I called their loved one a kidnapper:

I am female. I have no children. My parents are divorced, but had a amiable seperation and get along fine with each other. I have no major issues with either parent. I am not a misogynist or a misandrist, although I have misanthrope tendencies. I am not harder on abductors of the gender of your loved one. I think kidnapping is a crime, and is child abuse. If your accounts are ancedotes and are not backed up with actual evidence, I won’t fall all over your feet to agree with you. If you give me court documents, please give me the whole document in question so I can judge it in context. Do not claim you are unrelated to the abductor; do not lie about your location.

Also, refer to the comment/post policy linked in the sidebar if you want to know what comments are approved.

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