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Twin girls missing after Dad’s suicide

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POLICE in three countries are hunting for six-year-old twin girls after their father who had snatched them from their home in Switzerland threw himself under an Italian train, reports said today.

Italy’s ANSA news agency said helicopters, mounted police and tracker dogs were searching around Cerignola in the southern region of Puglia for Alessia and Livia Schepp.

Their father Matthias, 43, committed suicide at Cerignola station yesterday.

It’s another family abduction. Maybe their father didn’t kill them beforehand. I really hope he didn’t. I was hoping this year would be free of such things. If someone else has them, I hope they get returned to their mother. No one needs this kind of pain.

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Ex-Fairfax County resident facing international kidnapping charges

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A former Fairfax County resident who allegedly flew with her children to Moscow two years ago, in violation of a custody agreement with her ex-husband, is now facing kidnapping charges.

Federal prosecutors say 46-year-old Aziza Mirzoeva took her two children to Canada to visit her son from a previous marriage in December 2008. They were scheduled to return to Virginia on Jan. 20, 2009, but the trio flew to Moscow instead.

Although I found this article about the Mirzoev boys earlier in January, for some reason I never posted it here. It did resolve my wonderment that Russia extradited her – she was apprehended in Germany. Their father indicates that he doesn’t want her to be prosecuted, but the authorities are going ahead with it anyway. While I understand his desire to not get his ex-wife in legal trouble, the fact is she committed a federal crime – international parental kidnapping. Very few people are even apprehended for it, and sometimes an example needs to be made. The chances she will get any real jail time is small because almost no parental kidnappers do. The crime is usually minimized.

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