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Two victims in two days

Another link was sent to me about yet another victim of family abduction. Jan Rokos was abducted by his mother from the Czech Republic and found stabbed to death and stuffed in the trunk of her car six months later. His father tried to get the police to investigate but (as is usual) he got no help.

I hope I do not get sent a third link tomorrow telling me about another kid abducted by a parent and found deceased.

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And another new family abduction victim

I just got sent a link about the case of Yazmina Acar, abducted by her father in November 2010 from her Australia home and later murdered by him. He told his ex-wife he did it to get back at her, which is really the motivation for most family abductions. He pled guilty to her murder several days ago.

I wish I didn’t have to keep adding to this list.

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