Waynesville woman on national TV

Mother and daughter reunited after twelve years

After 12 years of losing her daughter to international abduction by the child’s father, Janet Greer’s moment finally arrived.

With anchorman Chris Cuomo from “Good Morning America,” at her side, Greer entered her daughter’s world today. It was one she’d been cut from for a dozen years, because Sarah “Dowsha” Elgohary’s family refused to let Greer to see her own child.
The Egyptian courts and leaders refusing to intervene on Janet’s behalf.

Finally, the day she’s dreamed and fought so hard to see materialize, has dawned.
Greer went to Egypt, where she saw her daughter today.

I find it interesting that as soon as Sarah learned her mother was not dead she wanted to see her. I have speculated that if an abducted child is told the parent is dead they are more open to a reunion when the opportunity presents itself. If the left-behind parent is still known to be alive, the abductor must present alienating circumstances that justifies the kidnapping instead of letting the child think the parent is dead and reunion impossible. I have no way of looking at this empirically of course. Stories like this one are what makes all the sweat and toil poured into family abduction cases worth it.

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    BrownBelle said,

    January 18, 2015 @ 10:24 pm

    There is one little acknowledged method that keeps stolen children from wanting anything to do with their other parent. It is manipulation and indulgence. I fled my ex,a Greek Citizen,from Cyrus back to the United States in 1998 with my 3/4 yr old to escape his violence and the lack of concern by Cypriot authorities. He had threatened to kill us both if I ever left him so I hid here in my homeland eeking an existence to care for my child alone until 2000 when after bribing my mother to divulge my whereabouts and stole my child from her school. He took her to Syria where he was raised and still has family presumably to force me to return to him but instead he played a cruel game. Days after vanishing my child called to say she NEVER loved me or intended to return. Already the manipulation had began. His family are multi millionaires and he treated our daughter like a goddess sparing no expenses and snuggly flaunting all the expensive clothing and toys he bought for her when visited by workers from the American Embassy. The nanny testified that when my child before she entirely forgot English and life with me in the US would sometimes ask “where’s that Black lady I use to live with?” meaning me and my ex would get mad shouting,”Your mother NEVER gave you so many nice things! She NEVER gave you anything! She don’t love you! Look at all the nice things your father has gave to you! I give you EVERYTHING! ONLY your Baba(daddy) loves you!”
    How many of those rants do you think a little 6 year old child endured before accepting it as truth? Her life with my ex’s family was materially wealthy and as long she denounced me like a good little obedient doggie her childhood was great. When she was 12 and detained briefly in Cyprus in November 2006 my child was offered the chance to be reunited with me but declined without a moment’s hesitation. When asked if she would like for the embassy to pass along a message to me she said,”Tell her I don’t want my life disturbed anymore. She should leave me alone. I’m Greek and don’t want to be poor and Black in America. My life is very good without her.” I was given several up to date pictures of her at that time also and frankly after seeing how she was cared for and photos of her accommodations I at 12 wouldn’t been too eager to go home to my mama either! Children are VERY EASY to manipulate and control and it doesn’t always require lies or beatings(as I have read about in other cases).

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