Dover mother returns home with abducted daughters

International abduction case has happy ending

An international abduction case came to a happy ending today.

Roberta Lima, along with her two daughters, Domminique and Pietra, all of Dover, arrived at Logan International Airport around 1 p.m. amid a flurry of friends and family.

With tears in her eyes, Lima said she can finally sleep at night now that her girls are back in her arms.

“When I got to American soil I finally felt safe, and that’s what this country is all about,” Lima said.

I am very happy about this, especially since citizenship rules apply in Brazil as much as anywhere else, and most of the time authorities won’t even look for the child if the non-custodial parent is a citizen of the country. She is a brave woman and I give all credit to the many who have helped her and kept her daughters from becoming possible cases on the For the Lost site. this!

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