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Unfortunately, not all missing persons' cases get the same amount of attention. Some get little to none. This is often compounded by the fact the case is old and is stuck on only a missing persons' registry. Most commonly these kids are only on the California Missing Persons Registry, so kids that meet this criteria (here) are called the "California Kids." These pages are for California Kids, not on any major website and much in need of attention. Cases, information on cases, and saying if a particular case was resolved or not can be mailed to us here. Click on an individual's image to get a poster to print out. These kids need it.

Philip Montoya

Martha Lambert (see also her case file)

Felix Fuentes Ventura

Marisol Basilio Ramirez

Richard Griener

Corrine Groenenberg

Antreas Cantrell

Alexander Ferguson

Ramona Beal

Lisa Dickinson

Donna Fowler

Ronald Cole (Note: California Kids are usually only accepted if they are 17 or under. We have made an exception in this case.)

Glenda Tedball

Amy Yachimec

Jonathan Esquivel Negrete

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