Our deepest thanks go to the following people:

Todd Matthews. Without you there would not be this organization, nor many others. You have the courage to do what others cannot.

Helene Wahlstrom, manager of the doenetwork. Every inch you have helped us with counts.

Tracie Fleischut, for monitoring all those PM's on her own.

Robert Lingoes from the Quincy, Mass. police department for getting those NCIC numbers.

Meaghan Good at the Charley Project for her help and conjecture, as well as being gracious enough to accept an apology.

Lauran Halleck from Porchlight International for her own extensive help. We will always remember Jean and your search.

Mark at the California Missing Persons Registry, for spending so much time on the phone and giving us the help we need.

Finally, for all the families of the lost and the found. It is for you that this site was created.

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