Above: Kevin McClam in 1997 (left) and an age-progressed image to 33, circa 2015 (right)

Kevin Lamont McClam

Last seen in Goose Creek, South Carolina on March 30, 1997

Vital statistics: Black male. Born on April 2, 1982. Black hair, brown eyes. He may use the last name "Alexander." Last seen wearing a brown and white striped long sleeve shirt, white long pants and white and black Nike shoes; the clothing was found at a construction site two days after he went missing. Was fourteen at the time.

Circumstances: McClam was last seen playing video games in his family's residence in the early morning hours, which was located on a naval base; his stepfather was in the United States Navy. Later the day, witnesses reported seeing a person matching McClam's description walking down the road in the area. He was wearing only boxer shorts and sneakers, and appeared to be alone and not under duress. Two days after his disappearance, McClam's clothing was found at a construction site near the road where the individual resembling him was last seen. Classified as Endangered Missing.

Theories: McClam probably did not run away. He was a good student with no disciplinary problems and therefore does not the fit the profile of a usual runaway. Plus, he was apparently never heard from again, by any of his loved ones, after his disappearance. Runaways, even the ones that do not return within a few weeks (and most do), tend to keep in touch with some of their family members and friends. This is not the case with McClam. The most persuasive evidence that he did not leave of his own accord, however, is that most of his clothes were left at the construction site. Who runs away nearly naked? McClam may have been abducted. That would explain why he has never been heard from again. However, if it was an abduction no one saw it; McClam was apparently seen shortly after his disappearance walking down the road, appearing to be alone. It is possible that the individual the witnesses saw was not McClam, but if it had been a different person he would have probably recognized himself and come forward in the wake of the publicity surrounding the case. It is interesting to note that McClam vanished just a few days before his birthday. His family was in the US Navy at the time with his disappearance. He lived with his mother and stepfather. They seem to have moved frequently, probably as a result of his stepfather's employment in the military. McClam's family left the Goose Creek area shortly after his disappearance. The likeliest theory is that McClam suffered from some sort of psychotic break on the morning of his disappearance, possibly caused by the stresses of his approaching birthday and his family's frequent moves from one base to another. He may have resented his stepfather, though this is pure conjecture. A mental breakdown would explain why he apparently took off most of his clothes and left them behind. McClam may be living on the streets or in a hospital somewhere as a John Doe. He may have also died of exposure - the weather in the Goose Creek area is warm that time of year, but possibly not for someone without their clothes; he could have taken his own life, but in either of those cases his remains probably would have been found by now. Here we are probably looking for a living person, who is now a young man, rather than a dead one.

If you have any information on McClam's wherebouts, please e-mail For The Lost at this address. Or you may contact the Goose Creek Police Department at 803-572-4300. All tips sent by e-mail will be kept confidential.

Information used to compile this case file comes from the following resources:
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
The Doe Network
The Charley Project
Navy Criminal Investigative Service
NamUs National Missing Persons Data System

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