This page is devoted to essays on the subject of missing persons. Anyone can contribute by e-mail here.

Without a Trace: A Tale of Two Kidnappings, by Hillary Keller

Where Is Therese? And Other Thoughts on the "Aiders" of the Lost, by Annie Keller

240 Dead? Rethinking the Non-Family Abduction by Annie Keller

The Middle Eastern Abduction Myth by Meaghan Good

Age-Progression - The Necessary Evil, by Annie Keller

Why It's Bad Even When the Kid is With a Parent, by Annie Keller

Sally Abrams and Children in the Crossfire - What Has Changed?, by Annie Keller

Rethinking the Non-Family Abduction Four Years Later, by Annie Keller

Emmanuel Lazaridis and the Ideology of International Child Abduction, by Carlos Bermudez

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