Above: Aaron Anderson in 1989 (left) and an age-progressed image to 26, circa 2013 (right)

Aaron Mitchell Anderson

Last seen in Pine City, Minnesota on April 7, 1989

Vital statistics: White male. Born on June 23, 1987. Light brown hair, brown eyes. He has a small white birthmark on the lower right side of his abdomen and his head is enlarged. Last seen wearing a red and yellow sweatshirt with a puffy dinosaur on it, light gray courdory pants lined with red flannel, a gray ski jacket with red and green tabs, a green knit hat with flaps and snowflakes on it, brown snowmobile boots, gray socks, and a diaper. Was one at the time.

Circumstances: He was last seen playing in his family's yard at around 4:30. His house boarded the Snake River and authorities believed that he drowned in the water. However, his scent did not trace to there, and no trace of a body was ever found. Classified as a Non-Family Abduction.

Theories: There are few options in a case involving a child this young. The child had to either be abducted, or somehow met with disaster. At first the latter seems to be the case, as Anderson's home bordered the Snake River. It is feasible that he fell into the water and drowned. At the same time, however, scent dogs could not track him to the river. It is much less feasible that he wandered off and died of exposure. A one year old could not get far, and after an extensive search he was not found. That leaves only one possiblity - abduction. Since a child that young at the time could not even be aware that they are missing, unless someone speaks up the case may remain unresolved.

If you have any information on Anderson's wherebouts, please e-mail For The Lost at this address. Or you may contact the Pine County Sheriff's office at 320-629-3930. All tips sent by e-mail will be kept confidential.

Information used to compile this case file came from the following locations:
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
The Charley Project
The Doe Network
NamUs National Missing Persons Data System

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