Above: Reagan Uden in 1980 (left) and an age-progressed image to 41, circa 2011 (right)

Above: Richard Uden in 1980 (left) and an age-progressed image to 43, circa 2011 (right)

Above: Virginia Uden in 1980

Reagan Cordell, Richard Loren, and Virginia Lynne Uden

Last seen in Lander, Wyoming, on September 12, 1980

Vital statistics: Reagan is a white male. He was born on May 25, 1970. Brown hair, brown eyes. He has a small scar on his eyelid, a gap between his front teeth, and an abdominal scar. Was ten at the time. Richard is a white male. He was born on November 22, 1968. Brown hair, brown eyes. He wears eyeglasses, is cross-eyed, and has surgical scars on his neck and nose. Was eleven at the time. Virginia is a white female. She was born on October 6, 1947. Brown hair, brown eyes. She has a birthmark on lower left eyelid. Was thirty-two at the time.

Circumstances: The family left the house of Virginia's mother, Claire Martin, to meet with the boys' adoptive father, Gerald Uden, to go hunting. They departed the house in a 1973 Ford station wagon and had a rifle with them. The vehicle was located on October 4, 1980, in the vicinity of the 700 block of N. Federal Court in Riverton, Wyoming, an area near Dickson Park Road and Trout Creek Canyon in the Wind River Canyon region of Fremont County. Large amounts of blood matching the type of Virgina Uden were found in the car; it had also been vandalized. It had been pushed down an enbankment and covered with pine boughs. Classified as Non-Family Abductions.

Theories: This is one case that is largely neglected, and also one that is the most intriguing for the webmaster of this site. For some reason, as soon as I found out about the case, I was hooked. Something in the eyes of the boys spoke to me. I attacked every online source possible for information, and clambored through Wyoming papers for more information. And yet I know no more than what is listed on the websites below. One would feel like they had never gone missing. And most would feel the effort is useless, as the parties involved are almost certainly dead. However, there is only a small bit of evidence of foul play. Abduction is likely; the vehicle would not have been found, and certainly not vandalized, if this was a voluntary disappearance. Blood indicates one came to harm, but not necessarily death. Since DNA testing was not available then, the blood may not even be Virginia's (although it is likely it is hers). (Some organizations claim it belonged to the boys;no information was provided to show how this was known, however) The injury could have been used to threaten the boys and keep them in line. One would not speak if they thought their mother would come to harm. Is it possible that they all may be hidden out there somewhere? This is the question For the Lost, and in particular this webmaster, wants to see answered.

If you have any information on either of the Uden boys' wherebouts, please e-mail For The Lost at this address. Or you may contact the Fremont County Sheriff's office at 307-332-5611. Any tips sent by e-mail will be kept confidential.

Information used to compile this case file comes from the following resources:
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
The Charley Project
The Doe Network
Fremont County Wyoming
National Center For Missing Adults
Casper Star-Tribune
NamUs National Missing Persons Data System

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