Cases, information on cases, and saying if a particular case was resolved or not can be mailed to us here. Or you may contact the listed agency; however since the cases are closed there may be no response.

Above: Jahi Turner in 2002 (left) and an age-progressed image to 15, circa 2015 (right)

Jahi Marques Turner

Last seen in San Diego, California on April 25, 2002

Vital statistics: Black male. Born on February 10, 2000. Black hair; brown eyes. He is ambidextrous, has a light complexion and suffers from eczema in the creases of his body. Last seen wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt imprinted with images of Winnie The Pooh and Tigger, blue nylon cargo pants with an orange drawstring and gray Air Jordan shoes. Was two when last seen.

Circumstances: He was last seen in Balboa Park in the Golden Hill area near 28th Street and Cedar Street. His stepfather, Tieray Dewayne Jones, said that he left him near the sandbox while he purchased a soda from a nearby vending machine. Tieray stated that a woman and two children were near the area at the time. When he got back, Jahi had vanished. The woman has been identified; she provided unspecified information relating to Turner's case. Some believe that Jahi was murdered by his stepfather or otherwise accidentally killed due to diary entries Tieray had written at the time. No evidence has been unearthed that Jahi met with foul play, however. His stepfather is currently imprisoned on an unrelated drug charge. Classified as a Non-Family Abduction.

Reason for inclusion: Jahi's case was closed in January 2004 for unknown reasons. He remains missing. It was opened again several years later, but he remains here as our inspiration.

Contact info: FBI San Diego at 858-565-1255

Above: Tyler Bowe in 1983

Tyler Bowe

Last seen in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada on April 30, 1983

Vital statistics: First Nations male. Born on October 9, 1968. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. He is slightly bowlegged. Was fourteen at the time.

Circumstances: He was last seen in his hometown of Whitehorse on April 30, 1983. Classified as Endangered Missing.

Reason for inclusion: The site that carried Bowe's case shut down in 2011.

Contact info: Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 403-667-5551

Above: A'Shia Jenkins in 2003

A'Shia Monique Jenkins

Last seen in Baltimore, Maryland on February 11, 2003

Vital statistics: Black female. Born on December 4, 2002. Black hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing a purple snowsuit, a purple hat, a pink t-shirt, and yellow socks. Was two months at the time.

Circumstances: Her father, Kenneth Gabriel Jenkins Jr., told police she was abducted at 9:05 a.m by an unlicensed cab driver who had brandished a gun at him, A'Shia, and her twin sister. He later admitted this was a fabrication and that she had been accidentally smothered by him. Her body was placed in a dumpster and is believed to have been incinerated. He entered an Alford plea to involuntary manslaughter in December 2003. A'Shia's remains have never been located. Classified as Endangered Missing.

Reason for inclusion: A'Shia's case was closed after the plea was accepted.

Contact info: Baltimore City Police Department at 410-396-2100

Above: Alishia Miller in 1989

Alishia Dachone Miller

Last seen in Detroit, Michigan on January 4, 1989

Vital statistics: Black female. Born on August 14, 1975. Brown hair, brown eyes. She wore her hair gelled down with short bangs at the time of her disappearance. She has a scar on her back. Last seen wearing a multi-colored ski jacket, acid-washed jeans, a black and red sweater, and white and yellow gym shoes. Was thirteen at the time.

Circumstances: She was last seen leaving her family's home in the Outer Drive - Chalmers area to go to the store at approximately five in the evening. She is believed to have left of her own accord. Classified as an Endangered Runaway.

Reason for inclusion: Miller's case was closed in late 2007.

Contact info: Detroit Police Department, 9th Precinct at 313-224-1510.

Above: Lisa Smith in 1992 (left) and an age-progressed image to 11, circa 2001 (right)

Lisa Smith

Last seen in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania on August 2, 1992

Vital statistics: Black female. Born on February 6, 1989. Brown hair, brown eyes. She has a dead tooth in front of her mouth. Was three at the time.

Circumstances: She was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Melissa Smith. A felony warrant for interference with custody was issued for her on August 4, 1992; it is unknown if the warrant is still active. Classified as a Family Abduction.

Above: Melissa Smith in 1992

Vital statistics: Born on May 26, 1971. Brown hair, brown eyes. Was twenty-one at the time.

Reason for inclusion: Lisa's case was removed from NCMEC after contact with the searching party was lost.

Contact info: Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-3093

Above: Timothy Washington in 1992 (left) and an age-progressed image to 18, circa 2003 (right)

Timothy Antonio Washington Jr.

Last seen in Baltimore, Maryland on September 11, 1992

Vital statistics: Black male. Born on January 22, 1985. Black hair, brown eyes. He has a speech impediment. His nickname is "Timmy." Last seen wearing light blue sweatpants or sweat shorts with yellow and white stripes, a black sweat jacket with pink and red prints, and black Nike sneakers. Was seven at the time.

Circumstances: He was last seen at his aunt's third floor apartment at a housing project, Lafayette High Rise Apartment Complex, in the 1000 block of Orleans Street in Baltimore, Maryland. He was playing with friends and walked downstairs for a frozen cup, but never returned. Timothy's mother's former boyfriend, Keith M. Garrett, was charged with kidnapping and extortion in October 1992. He claimed he had nothing to do with Timothy's disappearance and the kidnapping charges were dropped. In 2003 he was charged again with kidnapping and causing Timothy's death. A jailhouse witness said that Garrett told him he had taped Timothy's mouth shut and put him in a shed, and later came back to find him deceased. In May 2006, Garrett entered an Alford plea to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Classifed as Endangered Missing.

Reason for inclusion: Timothy's case was closed in 2010. He or his remains have not been located.

Contact info: Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2335

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