Above: Tageana Griffith in 2010 (left) and another image circa 2014 (right)

Tageana Elizabeth Griffith

Last seen in Niagara Falls, New York on June 13, 2010

Vital statistics: Black female. Born on August 12, 2004. Black hair, brown eyes. Her ears are pierced and she usually wears her hair braided or in cornrows with bows or barrettes in it. Her nicknames are "Taj" and "Tag" and she may go by the first name "Sam." She was born in Jamaica, but is a United States citizen.Was five at the time.

Circumstances: She was abducted by her non-custodial maternal grandmother, Marcia Rose Robertson. A photo and vital statistics are posted below. Her parents, Tricia Griffith and Tigen Griffith, divorced in 2009 and were awarded joint custody of Tageana. Her mother took her to Jamaica for what was supposed to be a visitation and did not return her to her father. Tricia Griffith returned to the United States on November 6, 2010, and was arrested for kidnapping, but Tageana was not with her. She stated that Tageana was now under the care of Robertson. They are still believed to be in Jamaica. United States officials attempted to do a welfare check on her but found Robertson's house deserted. She may still be with Robertson or may be in the company of other relatives.

Above: Marcia Robertson in 2010

Vital statistics: Black (Jamaican) female. Black hair, black eyes. Her ears are pierced and she wears glasses and partial dentures. She speaks with a heavy Jamaican accent.

If you have any information as to Tageana's whereabouts, please contact the Niagara Falls Police Department at 716-286-4711. Any information received can be kept confidential.

Information used to compile this casefile came from the following resources:
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Facebook page for Tageana Griffith
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