In this world, parental abductions are becoming tragically more common. Unfortunately, the abductors are often receiving online support for their actions, and told to keep hiding the child from the other parent. For the Lost recognizes the devastating nature of a kidnapping, even if it is by a parent. Therefore, we fully stand that left-behind parents should have their children returned to them and the abductor punished to the fullest extent of the law.

We do not discriminate by gender. Both male and female abductors are breaking the law. They may be guided by a misguided sense of right or righteousness. However, the more common motives are spite and revenge over the other parent. For the Lost recognizes this and stands fully with the law. Even if something is wrong with a custody arrangement, there are far better things to do than kidnapping.

The various underground movements should also be mentioned here. It is the opinion of For the Lost that the people suspected to be involved with them be investigated and prosecuted if possible. In essence, the underground trusts a child to strangers, which instinctively one would not do. Breaking this taboo only shows how strong-willed an abductor can be if it helps their motivation.

To all parents of kidnapped children, know we stand with you. We will try to find the children involved. We will support prosecution, and continue to publicize parental kidnappings as the crimes they are. Know that you have friends in the For the Lost organization.

To all abductors that may read this, you will probably be upset. We ask you to take a good look at your motive. Even if you have primary custody, relocation without permission of the court and/or to deprive the other parent visitation rights is still a crime. Is it really worthwhile to deprive a child of a parent? Is it worth their whole life, as may be in the case of the underground? Is it worth your life?

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