Above: Sofii Doyle in 2013

Sofii Ela Doyle

Last seen in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada on September 14, 2013

Vital statistics: White female. Born on September 16, 2006. Red hair, green eyes. Some agencies spell her name "Sofi" or "Soffii." She speaks English, Spanish, and limited French. Was six at the time.

Circumstances: She was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Maria Cristina Guzman Islas. Photos and vital statistics for her are not available. Her father, Jeff Doyle, met Guzman Islas in Tokyo in 2005; they married in 2006 and moved to Mexico shortly after Sofii's birth. In 2011 they returned to Canada after drug cartel activity in the area made it unsafe. In June 2013 Guzman Islas asked to visit Mexico with her daughter for three weeks. They returned on schedule, but when she asked again in September they did not return after the three weeks were up. Doyle obtained rulings in both Canada and Mexico that give him custody of his daughter, but the ruling has yet to be enforced in Mexico. They are believed to still be in Mexico.

If you have any information as to Sofii's whereabouts, please contact the Campbell River RCMP at 250-286-6221. Any information received can be kept confidential.

Information used to compile this casefile came from the following resources:
Campbell River Mirror
Times Colonist
Courier Islander

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