Comment/post policy

I approve all comments unless they are clearly spam (this includes posting the same comment a bunch of times on different posts), completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, or attack the families of the missing. All first time commenters need their comments approved and thus you may not see it right away. If you’re a parental kidnapper, or I strongly suspect you are one pretending to be a neutral party, your comments will be deleted and all information forwarded to law enforcement (unless your child or children have been found safe and returned to the other parent, in which case I will merely mock you). If a comment is posted in an inappropriate thread, but is on some related topic, it will not be approved but it will be e-mailed back to you with a link to the post it belongs in. No slugging matches about unnamed cases, either. If you just vaguely allude to happenings somewhere, i’m not going to approve it. Anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules will be banned from commenting.

My use of the word “resolved” on this site means “moved to the located section of the For the Lost site.” It is not used to imply I resolved the case myself.

Almost all posts stay up. Anniversary posts are deleted after a year, but a new one is always made in their place. The California Kids and the Jahi’s Pages sections have criteria for inclusion that can be canceled at any time; thus occasionally posts in those subjects vanish when the case no longer meets those criteria.

Do not leave a comment here instead of e-mailing me. My e-mail is plastered all over the site; please use it.