Kieran Dall missing five years

Today is the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Kieran Scott Dall. He was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Johanna Kathleen Bayley, from Vero Beach, Florida. They are believed to be in Johannesberg, South Africa.

Kieran Dall

Above is a picture of Kieran. Help bring him home to his father – if you have any information as to his whereabouts, please contact either the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST or the Vero Beach Police Department at 772-978-4600. this!

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    V.Beach said,

    April 14, 2016 @ 9:56 pm

    What a scam!

  2. 2

    John Pedersen said,

    June 21, 2016 @ 2:51 pm

    RE: Kieran Dall, age 14. He returned with his father to the United States on June 8, 2016. His status as a missing juvenile was cancelled in NCIC.

  3. 3

    forthelost said,

    June 22, 2016 @ 12:32 am

    I know; I’ve resolved his case.

  4. 4

    John Pedersen said,

    June 21, 2016 @ 2:52 pm

    If you have any questions, please contact me at the Vero Beach Police Department.


    Lt. John Pedersen
    Vero Beach Police Department
    Vero Beach, FL

  5. 5

    For the Lost Blog » Saif Ahmed, Kevin Anderson, Kieran Dall, Brooklyn Gabriel, Daisy Gamboa, and John Liendo found safe said,

    June 21, 2016 @ 9:16 pm

    […] John Pedersen on Kieran Dall missing five years […]

  6. 6

    Emma said,

    June 24, 2016 @ 1:20 am

    Is Kieran really back in the United States permanently or just to spend the summer with intentions to return to South Africa since he is now old enough to have his wishes taken into consideration? He has spent so many years of his life in South Africa, long enough for it to be considered his habitual residence and to be a naturalized citizen in fact, probably speaks something else besides English fluently now, and made statements to the South African courts, which ultimately sided with his mother agreeing it was not an abduction that, he “does not wish to go back to the United States except for school holidays and even then, he does not wish to be returned without his mother”. It seems very unlikely that South African courts would have just suddenly reversed their decision several years later and deported a child they had previously deemed to be residing legally in their country.

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