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    The Fabulous Gallifreyan said,

    August 19, 2015 @ 2:06 am

    Thank you for the Kelly Rutherford article!

    If the woman actually cared about her kids, she wouldn’t drag everything out like she has. Those kids will grow up to resent her.

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    Legal Eagle said,

    June 9, 2016 @ 2:52 am

    I worked a similar case in which an American mother had a pretty sweet visitation arrangement and then screwed it up royally. The mother came to the United States for a family emergency and then filed for a divorce from her husband. He came to the United States with the permission of the courts and took their two young children back out of the United States demanding that she divorce him in the country they were married in. He was willing to allow the children to have their permanent residence in the United States with their mother if she did things the legal way and acted sensibly, but rather than behave like an adult she acted like the typical arrogant entitled American, demanding everything on her terms, and using all kinds of dirty tricks to get her way: abuse allegations despite having never gone to the police when she was abroad, failing to acknowledge she was married on her children’s American birth certificates, and even resorting to the race card. She was completely unwilling to share the children and wanted huge amounts of Alimony and Child Support from her wealthy husband. For over 2 years she did not go to visit her children once although her estranged husband offered to cover all of her expenses. She was obsessed with “getting what’s mine back”. Eventually I was able to persuade her to accept a visitation, but warned her beforehand, do NOT attempt to abscond with the children to the United States under any circumstances, because you do not have the legal rights to just do whatever you want simply because you are American and the mother. What did she do her 2nd day there despite my advice? Flee with the children while a nanny’s back was turned! She took the children to the local American Embassy, but having been notified by the police, they shut their gates and told her they would uphold the children’s established residency in that country. The police tracked her down after three days, put her children in a car with a social worker to be driven back to their father’s home and put the mother on a plane back to the United States the same evening. Had she not been so motivated by selfishness then her ex was offering her a residence in that country and liberal access to the children daily by taking them to and from school, taking them to appointments, eating dinner with them in their father’s home, and staying until bedtime. After her ignorant abduction attempt her ex demanded that the children’s passports be cancelled until they were 18 to prevent any international travel and would not allowed her to so little as speak to the children on the phone without him looming right there over the children in the same room, censoring the conversation. Though she could not accept it the truth was that the children were very happy and healthy, safe and sound, HOME and thriving with their father with no interests in their mother who they viewed as unbalanced and a source of stress. Particularly the children did not like how she forced them to pick sides and choose her, attacking them if they rejected her. The woman was certain her children would return to the United States to her eagerly when they turned 18, but that didn’t happen. She had caused them way too much grief as children. Kelly Rutherford’s children are likewise much better off in Europe away from this drama and media circus. They aren’t abused or neglected. There’s no pressing reason they should be uprooted. I know plenty of supposedly missing children in all circumstances that are doing well outside of the United States away from their American mothers.

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