Kira Bible and Brent, Brett, and Bryan Wurm found safe

I have just received word from NCMEC that Kira Bible and Brent, Brett, and Bryan Wurm have been found safe. I have resolved their cases, modified the anniversary posts so there are no dead links, and if I find any articles will post them here. The new cases on the site are those of John Earl, Kamand Sotoudeh-Zand, and Alexander and Jaime Yepez. this!

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    Linda Williams said,

    April 8, 2014 @ 11:57 pm

    God bless them, so happy for their families

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    D.M said,

    May 14, 2022 @ 3:17 pm

    Kira Bible Slawson was NEVER missing or abducted. She was a military child. Her mother was in the US military and so she was living in de facto American soil in Korea from a very young age long before 2010.This means that it was always possible for Kira’s father to ask where Kira’s mother was stationed currently and find his daughter. The US military has its own justice system, judges, and lawyers under JAG. There was always a legal way to resolve the custody/visitation matters. How do I know? I knew Kim in passing in Korea, heard about what happened to her when she left Korea back to the USA with her children, and also experienced the tragedy of being labeled a kidnapper and International fugitive by my own government the country I swore to protect and serve (very damaging to a female service member’s career that allows her to take care of her children) in absentia without my knowledge. While I hope Kim now has her daughter back, I too was arrested the moment I returned to the USA with my 2 youngest children who had both been born in Korea on de facto American soil on base and was separated from my utterly confused and distressed children who only ever lived with me their mother and primary caregiver since birth. They didn’t know their father at all since he left Korea got himself transferred back to the USA shortly after the birth of our daughter and never bothered to attempt to see or be a part of our children’s lives while dodging child support obligations.
    The case was literally open and shut though. My children were turned over to a vindictive man hell bent on revenge especially after he got married that they didn’t know from Adam housecat by his own choices though after he lied in open court, uttered a blatant forgery, and failed to prove his case on sound evidence didn’t even properly serve me the relevant court documents and summons despite knowing exactly where the children were. My JAG attorney kept telling me to just wait for the next court date and my babies would be back home soon. My children always come first though and I removed my children from a very abusive unhealthy environment unilaterally, they ran back to me their mother all on their own despite barely double digit ages and I utilized military law which recognized me as primary caregiver and sole custodial parent to protect them from a very vindictive and abusive man trying to use American family courts instead of military courts to get what he wanted at the expense of the wellbeing of our my youngest children. In the USA people like you misguidedly support the so called custodial parent without bothering to examine the entire case. A mother absolutely cannot be a kidnapper or noncustodial parent illegally retaining a child abroad as long as she is in the military b/c there’s nowhere to run or hide in that situation. This is a classic example of missing child fraud and International custody dispute made public by a disgruntled parent.

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    Celeste said,

    May 16, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

    A father who has as much right to have access to his daughter as her mother does.

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