Miguel Morin and Timothy Torres found safe

I have just received word from NCMEC that Timothy Torres has been found safe, and have read numerous articles that state Miguel Morin has been found safe and will be reunited with his mother soon. His case was inexplicably closed before he was located, and it seems from further reading his case was not given a great deal of priority. Only when his abductor was reported to CPS without knowing that she had an abducted child in her care did the case become resolved. I wish the best for him and his mother in reuniting, and will remind others that even a “closed” case can still become a resolved one. I have resoved their cases, modified the anniversary posts so there are no dead links, and if I find any articles about Timothy Torres I will post them here. The new cases on the site are those of Albert and Alfred Jacob, Devishi Nandanoore, and Antoinette Marino.

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