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Why haven’t you heard of Francisco Andrade Vega?

Francisco Javier Andrade Vega is the name of an eleven year old boy that was abducted from Baja California in 2000 by a convicted child molester. He remained missing until this year, when he was found safe in Chicago. He had no identity papers when picked up by police, but he gave them his name and he was found in the FBI’s database of cases.

Let me repeat this. He was found safe. After nine years. Missing from a non-family abduction. And there has been almost no press about this. The articles I have found that gave the above details are Mexican papers; I can find no English sources. If I didn’t know Spanish those articles would be unaccessable. And I live in Chicago. And I have heard nothing.

I rarely go on tangents about missing children publicity. I have accepted that there is a heirarchy, and that most of the cases I get involved with – family abductions, people who just vanish, older non-family abductions – are not ones that burn up the pages. And not all of it is based on race. However, in this case I can make no other conclusion but being based on race. He was abducted for nine years, and it would have been easy for his abductor to kill him once he stopped being useful. He would then have become one of the many unidentified individuals that litter the police records. But none of this happened. Him being found safe is as close to a miracle as was Shawn Hornbeck’s case.

So, I ask, why haven’t you heard of him? Why hasn’t almost anyone?

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Nikki Trollinger found deceased

I have just received word that Nikki Trollinger has been identified as an unidentified individual found in 1985. I have resolved her case. While this is not the outcome I would have liked, at least her family now has closure. The new poster is that of Melissa Fadden.

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New case on site

A new California Kids poster has been added to the site, the poster of Scott Sims. Please print out the poster and help find this missing child.

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