Aiko Stubbs found safe

I have just received notice from NCMEC that Aiko Stubbs has been found safe. I will post an article if I can find one, and will resolve her case. The new cases on the site are those of Justin and Moises Romero. this!

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    Anita said,

    December 18, 2017 @ 12:57 am

    Were Moises Jr and Justin ever found? Their case was so sad. Their mother let their alcoholic abusive father see them in California and he barely had them one week before he asked permission to them to Mexico to supposedly visit relatives. Then he left them in Mexico with relatives and returned alone to SoCal supposedly to see the other 4 kids, but really he kept living his life and making bad decisions. I have always believed that if Moises Sr. didn’t get himself killed in orange county being DWI again he always planned to keep the three littlest kids in Mexico so their mother couldn’t get them. The only reason Moises Jr and Justin’s little sister didn’t get kept in Mexico is because she missed her mom so much the mom gave the ultimatum send her back to California now or cancel the whole visit for all the children. So Moises Sr gave back the little sister to keep Justin and Moises. It was so wrong how the children’s mother gave Moises Sr’s body back to the Romero family in Mexico, but they did not give back her only sons. The Romero family even told the two little boys that their father killed their father to make them hate her because they know how much all the children loved their father even though he drank too much and hit their mother. But it was not her fault Moises Sr made bad decisions and died. Helen Rodriguez should get back her sons.

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